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Dusting the cobwebs on that “old” estate plan

Estate plan aren't created to be current throughout your lifetime. When drafted, they are based on the current climate of the estate tax laws and your own circumstances, with some flexibility built in. The changing legislative, economic and social times can have more of an effect on your existing estate plan than you think. This is why, if… Continue reading Dusting the cobwebs on that “old” estate plan

Estate Planning

“Napkin Wills”

Last week, I spoke with a prospective client (PC) who recently started giving her future and mortality a lot of thought. Her job required her to be around people who were victims of terrible tragedies. In response to whether she had her affairs in order, she mentioned that her wishes were written on a napkin. My… Continue reading “Napkin Wills”

Estate Planning

May newsletter-The Law Office of Jan Alcide

To commerate the month of May and most importantly, Mother's Day, the Law Office of Jan Alcide published its first newsletter. This series of quarterly newsletters will introduce various topics of interest in Estate Planning. If you have any suggestions of particular topics, post your comments below. Enjoy! And for all you mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day.  newsletter

Estate Planning

Introduction to Estate Planning

I hosted an Introduction to Estate Planning seminar at the Dana Point Library yesterday. The people in attendance found the information to be stimulating and "seed planting" as one person referred to it. Here's my powerpoint presentation. Hope you find it helpful with your own estate planning education. Introduction to Estate Planning I am also including the handout to… Continue reading Introduction to Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Updates to Federal Estate Tax Law (2011)

    For people dying in 2011 and 2012, the exemption amount for paying no federal estate taxes has been increased from $3.5 million to $5 million. The gift tax exemption amount and generation-skipping exemption amount has also been increased to $5 million. The tax rate for estates above $5 million for all three taxes will now be 35%. … Continue reading Updates to Federal Estate Tax Law (2011)